About Jane Cameron

B.E.S. (Bachelor of Environmental Studies)
M.A.A.T.O. (Member of the Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario)

Being a creative problem-solver is only achieved through firsthand experience.

Growing up in a family of builders and engineers, I learned very early that there is always a better way to make something work. From cleaning up jobsites on weekends, to summer jobs during university working as a labourer building cottages in Muskoka, this exposure to the ‘nuts & bolts’ of construction was the start of my love-affair with architecture.

Graduating honours with a B.E.S. (Bachelor of Environmental Studies) from the University of Manitoba, I worked for Toronto architectural & construction firms. This developed my design, drafting & project management skills on residential & commercial projects. Life Home Design was established in 1997 to pursue my passion for residential design.

Qualified and registered by the Ministry of Housing, Jane has earned her BCIN (Building Code Identification Number) ‘House’ which became a requirement for building permit applications in Ontario as of January 1, 2006.

Jane is an accredited member of the AATO (Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario) aato.on.ca



Life Home Design Team

I am so grateful for these long-standing relationships. They are a dedicated team that works tirelessly and collaboratively to ensure a successful outcome.

A team of hand-picked professionals is involved in every new custom home or cottage project undertaken by Life Home Design.  I liaison with a trusted core group of professionals who (after working together for over 20 years), share the commitment to detail that I bring to every project. Depending on a project’s scope, location and local municipal requirements, experts in Site & Environmental Engineering, Soils Engineering, Land Surveying, Architectural Drafting, Structural Engineering, Truss Designing, Mechanical Consulting and Interior Design Development can all be contributors.

Working closely with builders through the design development stage, issuance of permit drawings, to construction ensures that my client’s vision for their home is realized.