After spending years living in many parts of the world and travelling for work, my clients new vision for their ‘forever home’ was simple- ‘a quiet oasis in the country where we can raise goats’.  Their choice of property was perfect – nestled beside a brook, the 8 acres is a mix of forest and grazing land and it even had an old barn that could house the goats. We developed a ‘courtyard’ layout for the house next to the barn, while maintaining the setbacks required for floodplain and conservation.  The ‘Urban Farmhouse’ architectural style bungalow with walk-out basement has its principal rooms at the rear facing south – light filters through the house all day.  My clients and the goats (nick-named ‘The Fab Four’) are all very happy in their new dwellings!  

Builder: Peter Reynolds,
Interior Designer: Cynthia Soda,
Photography: Stephani  Buchman Photography