Planning & Site Plan Services


Zoning & Land Regulation Research

The initial step of any project is to research and study the orientation, neighbourhood, location & environment of the property and investigate the municipal zoning regulations and agencies with jurisdiction. These can include Municipal Zoning By-Laws, Conservation Authorities, Ministry of Natural Resources, Niagara Escarpment Commission, Oak Ridges Morraine, Forestry Agencies, Historic Conservation Districts and others.

Site Plans

Depending on the complexity of information required, Site Plans are produced in conjunction with the following professionals: Ontario Land Surveyors for the base survey, locations for servicing and topographic data; Site Engineers for grading and septic design; Arborists for tree inventories and reports; and Landscape Designers for landscape and planting plans.

Site Plan Approval

Site Plan Approval may be required by a Municipality prior to application for a Building Permit. Minor Variances through the Committee of Adjustment may be needed if the home design cannot meet the zoning requirements. Applications and submissions are undertaken with the required documentation.

Architectural Services

The design of a home or cottage is multi-faceted.


Concept Design Drawings

Concept Design Drawings are developed, starting with a thorough analysis of the homeowner’s requirements and vision for the residence. I approach the design process organically, drawing on more than 30 years of experience carefully listening to clients and problem-solving. Concept plans, elevations and sketches are drawn up and meetings ensue. It is a creative, collaborative and fun process with discussions about aesthetics and functions, budgets and the ‘nuts and bolts’ of materials, and structure.

Architectural Drawings

Architectural Drawings are commenced once Concept Design is approved. Our team initiates AutoCAD drawings and documents required for building approvals, trade priding and construction. A trusted group of consultants are retained which can include Structural Engineering, Truss Design, Mechanical Consulting and Interior Design. Overseeing each step of the process ensures a successful outcome.

Building Permit Applications

All drawings and documents are compiled in the required format (digital and hard copies), forms are filled out and authorizations obtained. Liaison with the Municipal Plans Examiners is co-ordinated during plans review ensuring a timely turn-around.

Construction Oversight

Contract Review

Reviewing and assessing construction quotes for comparative analysis helps choose the successful candidate.

Pre-Construction Co-ordination

Pre-Construction Co-ordination starts with a meeting on site with all vested parties present. Discussed are items that can affect construction, scheduling and any site conditions that need to be communicated to the builder.

Site Visits

Site Visits can be arranged based on scheduled benchmarks of project completion or as required.